Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vlog Narrative

Fitting in with the course theme of mobility, I decided to take pictures and short video clips around and outside different U-Bahn stations throughout Berlin for my video blog. In Berlin, this was my primary mode of transportation and the most consistent activity that I took part of everyday while I was in Berlin. I begin my blog at Heinrich Heine Strasse, the closest U-Bahn station by our apartments. Then I put together clips of different stations approximately ordering them by the distance from our apartments. I found Berlin to be a very dynamic city shaped by its history: the division of East and West Berlin as well as the division into different sectors. I chose to record different U-bahn stations in order to capture the differences in demographics and building styles throughout the city that I saw. For example, I tried to contrast the constant activity and crowds of Alexanderplatz and around Friedrichstrasse with the quiet and neighborhood-like atmosphere around Jannowitzbruke. 

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